yef4×4 Adventure Club (Inc) is a Family Friendly 4wd Club based out in the S.E Suburbs of Melbourne.
What makes us different from all other 4wd clubs, Is our objective is to produce monthly videos (And coming soon a weekly TV series Starting 2016)
4×4 Adventure Club (Inc) is not just a club of members but a group of friends, That share the same passion that going 4wding brings.
Out on the tracks we work together as a team and no one gets left behind.
Trips are planned in advance, So all our members have to do. Is have a Awesome time.

This page is where the public can come and see what 4×4 Adventure Club (Inc) is up to.
4×4 Adventure Club (Inc) has a limited number of 20 members.
Our aim is to have a one of a kind 4WD club and with limited members this reduces the politics that large club seem to endure.

We are all ways getting bigger and better every day.

From time to time we have Open Events and GUESTS PASSES are Available (non members)
There is a $20 fee for all guests. this must happen at the start of the day. This will cover you under the Clubs Public Liability Insurance.

There are video cameras recording through out the day and for this there will be times you will have to wait. Our video team does it’s best to keep the waiting time down.

Please Note – Guests that if you don’t turn up on the day with out letting us know. You will be ‘BLACK LISTED’ We do this for there are only a number of spots available that can come out and its not fair on others that have missed out.

Event Info.
Recon Mission Events
These events are looking for new tracks for upcoming ‘open events’ and not so much four Wheel driving. The public are welcome to come along.

Open Events
These are event for the public to come along with planed out tracks with a full day of four wheel driving.

Closed Events
This events are for 4×4 Adventure Club (Inc)members ONLY.

Please Note: If you would like to come out with us. All you need to do is make a post to 4×4 Adventure with info about your car the event you want to go on (if you know the event) and you will be put on the Guest list for upcoming events.

1. Suspension lift – Recommended
2. UHF Radio in-car or Handhold
3. Off-Road tyres a Must.
4. Recovery Gear Recommended – Snatch Strap / Tow Rope (At minimum)
5. B.Y.O Food and drinks (No Alcohol)
Hope to see you out there giving it a CRACK!

IMPORTANT – 4×4 Adventure and its Members.
4×4 Adventure (including Founders) Accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY WHAT SO EVER for any Accidents / Breakages / Breakdowns / Injuries. Which may arise on any of the 4×4 Adventure Trips.

All responsabilty is on the ownus of the Individul themselves and there passengers and NO Liabilty is on the Club / Group or Members at all.

It is on your own accord that you have any relivant Insurances. Weather it being Full Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance / Personal Accident Insurance etc.

4×4 Adventure always endeavours to have safe trips, but accidents can happen. On trips the group attending will provide assistance (Not Financial) in the event of Accident and Breakdown etc to the best of the groups ability.

As we all want to get home safe.
So in Attending any of the 4×4 Adventure Trips